Download Game Guardian Apk: GGuardian App for Android iOS (Without/With No Root)

Download Game Guardian Apk. This app, GameGuardian aka GGuardian (or Game Gardian) is a hacking application made to alter the default content or process of Android video games. It is primarily done to gain advantages and improvements. But, it should be noted that doing such things is ‘illegal.’ It’s an amazing app for Android and iOS enthusiasts.

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From this page, you can navigate to download different versions of Game Guardian APK. The most popular among them include:

Developers use the application for better control over the games and applications. However, the basic use of GameGuardian is Code Injection. We have updated the application with some more awesome features. A long-awaited request of many users to enable ARM5 support has been solved now. You can run the app with no root or root. However, without root, it needs a virtual environment to help attain the functions.

On the popular demand, we have updated the application with better functionality without root. Along with the basic changes you will also experience improved translations (Thanks to our developer community). We have the lightning-fast servers to ensure your download Game Guardian APK going forward with no latency issues.

Latest Version Available: GameGuardian 101.2 Download

Game Guardian Apk Download

App Name GameGuardian
Android 2.3+
App Size 20.00 MB
Version 101.2
Developer GameGuardian
Total Installs 53,030,000+
Last Updated 6th February 2023

For instance, let’s say your character is left with #n lives in a game and you want to increase the number. Then, you will have to use the GameGuardian apk and open its hexadecimal editor. In the editor, you will need to search for that specific number. After that, you can modify it with the number of your choice. Right after installing the GameGuardian application, let it run in the background. It will leave a semi-transparent icon always visible on the screen.

Whenever you want to modify in the games, just launch that particular game and then, open the GameGuardian app and go through the process via which you want to make changes that specific application. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, in the future. The basic fundamental or principle on which it works is the code injection. The Game Guardian app (download apk) injects the code during the runtime of the apps. By doing so, hackers can modify the parameters which they desire.


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game guardian apk Configuring

Apart from the above mentioned hacking stuff for games, it has other features too. One of them is its modifying ability of the app’s internal clock and the device itself. You can alter the internal clock’s time of any game app to take advantage (basically by cheating). You may need it to speed up the time which may take hours (like building a building or getting energy pack back).

Moreover, you can also slow downtime with the use of this app only. You just need to hold down a finger on the floating icon. With it, you will be able to increase or decrease the flow of time just as you wish. To check all the features, click here.

Game Guardian Apk Limitations

The basic idea behind creating this app is to cheat at games. If any games’ developers caught you in the act, it might result in the banning of your account. So, don’t forget this warning in the future.

Game Guardian Apk Tutorial

Click here to read and watch installation instructions for Game Guardian Apk.

GameGuardian app Requirements & Compatibility to enjoy all the features and functions.

  • The device must be rooted.
  • Windows 7/ Windows XP/ Windows 8 with the help of emulators to run Android software. You can use Bluestacks, Genymotion as Android emulators on your Windows device.
  • Android 5 and above.  Although some users reported it was working fine with Android 4 as well but the official statement doesn’t recommend using it.
  • Android 6. Most of the devices running on the second latest version of the software are compatible.

Advanced and Exclusive Features of GameGuardian

  1. Supports a wide range of devices
  2. Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+) and Nougat (7+) are supported
  3. Earlier versions of Android also supports with little less integrity
  4. Searching encrypted values possible with not much knowledge about coding and hacking stuff.
  5. XOR and FLOAT supported in Group Searches making it one of the most loved Android editors.
  6. GameGuardian APK download is available from our community links.
  7. Ability to search and alter the application code within the single screen after the search.
  8. “XOR Data Type” is often used to change values in the games, with Game GuardianApk you can change these complex values as well.
  9. Truly unlimited search results without asking for any money. Although the exact number of search results will depend on the application size and RAM availability.
  10. Filter to sort the search results and output according to the given data.
  11. Automatic filling of all values at once.
  12. Data supportive- All details can be entered in hexadecimal itself.
  13. Rollback feature to save you from any uncertain code entered by mistake.
  14. Freeze values for testing and development.
  15. Wide support for application settings in the system with the customizable interface.
  16. Dual screen supportive – Access game screen and program at the same time.
  17. History cloaking for past changes.
  18. Save data in memory while making the changes to avoid loss if the RAM runs out or device switches off/ crash because of high resource usage.
  19. Speedhack for acceleration and deceleration working with all x86 and Android 7 devices. Various devices with great graphics also work.
  20. Skip the queue- Timelapse (Jump the time to destination, time travel basically). Or Distance-Lapse (Jump the distance in any game).
  21. The speed hack feature allows changing the configuration of the game finely using Game Guardian APK (download) without affecting the important things unnecessarily.
  22. Active support in comments and the XDA community as well.
  23. Language customizations
  24. Stable program – Reporting feature during the crashes
  25. Developed by the top developers- Extremely best in class
  26. A defensive system against the virus and other software.

Game Guardian APK Download for Windows / PC / Mac

You can also download the application of GameGuardian for Windows. All you need first is to install Bluestacks or any other android emulator. The GameGuardian APK is fully compatible with all types of Windows emulators. You can simply download the application and use it there as it is.

To install Game Guardian APK in Windows PC, you need to follow the given procedure

  1. Download GameGuardian APK from the download page of our website
  2. Select the latest version to make sure it will continue to be compatible with the version of Android.
  3. Currently, the application is not tested in Android O but soon a copy will be released
  4. Install the same in your device.
  5. Enjoy editing games with whole new features

How to Use GameGuardian?

  1. Download the working app, start, and set it up.
  2. Leave GameGuardian working in the background (a doggy icon will be translucent)
  3. Open any game and choose the value to modify.
  4. Press on the GG icon, search tab and search the currently available number.
  5. Then, resume the game, and alter the desired value (like gain money, health, etc.)
  6. If you still want to change more things, go back to GG, search and change the value you want.
  7. If still needed, more perform the above steps.
  8. After that, long press on value and enter what you want the value to be.
  9. Open back the game, and you will find the value as per your desire. YAY!

Game Guardian No Root Apk

To use the gameguardian app, you need to install a virtual environment application to create a virtual space. And then, you must have gguardian apk installed on your Android device. Let’s get started. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

  1. Download an optimized version of virtual space applications like Parallel Space (best), VirtualXposed, etc.
  2. Download gameguardian apk on your phone.
  3. Go to Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Special App Access. Then enable Install from Unknown Sources.
  4. Go to the downloaded game guardian apk file and install it.
  5. Install a virtual space app.
  6. Clone both gameguardian and game app as per your wish into the virtual environment.
  7. Open the first gguardian and then your required app to continue.

iGameGuardian Download – For iOS / iPhone / iPad Devices

For the devices running on iOS, there is a different version of GameGuardian available for download. It’s almost impossible to install the apk file in an Apple device. Although GameGuardian is also available for apple devices with the name of iGameGuardian. On the negative side, the functionality is limited. Being not like the existing plug and play install in the rooted android devices, one needs some basic settings to be done with the mobile phone to access the application.

With this application in your Jailbroken iOS device, whether it’s running on iOS 8 or iOS 9, one will get the pool of opportunities with the existing features. Within a couple of clicks, it’s very much easy to develop and change the requisite values.

For complete guide on iGameGuardian Download – For iOs Devices – Click here 

Basic requirements for Game Guardian iOS

  • iOS 8 or higher, The application is not working with the lower versions of apple mobile phones
  • Jailbroken device, it’s the most basic need for iGameGuardian
  • We wouldn’t be responsible for any loss, Keep your knowledge about the application sound.

We believe that the information provided on our website for Game Guardian Apk Download should be enough for you whether you are downloading it for iOS, Android or Windows devices. The application works with every type of handset and provided completely free on our website.

Stay tuned to for more. If you have any doubts/queries, do let us know in the comments. Also, if you come across any special thing, please mention that too.