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Game Guardian Working Games List: GGuardian (Game Gardian or GameGuardian)

Game Guardian Working Games: GameGuardian aka GGuardian apk also mispelled as Game Gardian is one of the best hacking android app/tool. It allows users to cheat by changing values of various things in a number of games and applications. It is a great application to the Android enthusiasts who can’t get their job done in a legal/white manner.

Here, we have added a list of tested games which work with this game killer. The list includes a number of online and offline playable Android games. You will get to know what type of games it can tackle with. You get 99.9% luck on the offline games and 50% while playing the online games. However, it doesn’t work with server based games. So, let’s get started.

Game Guardian Working Games, GGuardian Working Games

Game Guardian Working Games List

With Game Guardian apk, you can modify the number of HP, SP, money, lives, and many more important things in the game itself. But, to use the GameGuardian app, you are required to use a rooted device – be it a smartphone or a tablet. Though it work with no root devices, but rooting is recommended to enjoy it to the fullest.

We don’t encourage any kind of hacking, though. We will recommend to not use it to modify the paid / premium games. You can test on your own risk. These kinds of hack apps are not available on Google PlayStore, but you can download it from here. If it gets superuser access, then it can hack all the games for you for free.

Game Guardian Working Games List

The Game Guardian apk works absolutely fine with almost all of the offline games. But, you can also try your luck on the online games. Scroll down and have a look at the list of popular games which work with GameGuardian. GGuardian plays its magic on the following apps.

Offline Games

  • Angry Birds (offline)
  • Angry Birds 2 (offline)
  • Cafe racer
  • Traffic rider
  • Gangstar Vegas
  • Smash hit
  • Asphalt 8
  • Spider-man ultimate
  • Dead trigger 2
  • Plants vs. zombies
  • Temple Run
  • Temple run 2
  • Cars
  • Fruit ninja
  • Beach buggy blitz
  • Badland
  • Ludo Bing (offline)
  • Subway surfer
  • Despicable me
  • Bubble shooter
  • Mission impossible
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Hill Climb Racing 2
  • Basketball
  • Sniper fury
  • Hitman Sniper
  • Unfinished Mission

GGuardian woks 99.9% times on all the offline games.

Check: GGuardian for PC.

Online Games

Following games were test with GGuardian and resulted in a success, i.e., got positive results.

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Candy Crush Soda
  • Angry Birds 2 (online)
  • Ludo Bing (online)
  • Ludo King (online)

Game Gardian works with online games if they are not server based.

You can try your luck with server based games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royal, etc. but, they won’t work. To hack any game, you need to make sure that it is not server based. But, if you got caught, you will be banned by the developers.

Of course, there would be thousands of games which can work with GameGuardian. But, we couldn’t test with all of them. If you have tested personally, let us know the name of the app. We will happily add it to the Game Guardian working games with GGuardian. It will help readers.

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