Game Guardian for iOS: iGameGuardian Official Download

Updated on 5th December 2022: We noticed that some of our users are facing issues while installing iGameGuardian on their mobile phones because of iOS policies and Apple Policies. Rest assured, iGameGuardian is very safe and secured application to learn modification of gaming and application values.

Game Guardian for iOS: Game Guardian is one of the most popular application for loading cheat engine in mobile phone. However, iPhone by Apple users has to go a next step by downloading iGameGuardian in iOS devices using the following steps. There is no other alternative available for installing Game Guardian for iOS devices. This application works much more than a normal file editor for iOS phones. GGuardian will allow you to change any values, coins, lives, gems in any sort of game without any issue. This app works among almost all currencies and hence universally compatible.

This app can also find the hidden and encrypted files on your iPhone apps and games to be edited. One thing is important that Game Guardian for iOS required JAILBREAK installed ROOTED IOS device only as it doesn’t really work with normal operating system. With simple steps shown in the video below one can make any sort of change in application values and make it work like a charm.

This is the only official website to download Game Guardian for iOS. The software is compatible with iOS7, iOS8, iOS9 and iOS10 versions, basically all the operating systems beyond iOS 7 are perfectly supported with iGameGuardian. Its simple, lightweight and easy memory editor for apple devices. As of now on 5th December 2022, the iGG application spotted working with all major jailbreak devices.

How to Download Game Guardian for iOS: iGameGuardian Download

First of all you need to have a Jailbreak iPhone to perform this activity as the devices which have legacy OS are not supported yet. There are multiple repositories to download and install Game Guardian for iOS, the most popular one are Cydia method or Downloading method. You can install either of them, we would be showing instructions to install from both the sources.

First Preference – Install Game Guardian for iOS from Cydia

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for educational purposes and should be followed with caution otherwise it can brick your device.

  1. Jailbreak + Root your Apple device using Pangu or Taig software.
  2. Then the famous Cydia App Store will be available in your settings
  3. First go to settings and navigate to Cydia app store then Go to: Manage > Sources > Add Source and enter > ‘’ (Repo)
  4. If you’re adding source for first time then consider watching the complete video first
  5. Install GameGuardian according to your iOS version (iOS 8, 9, 10, 11,12)
  6. Go to your Home Screen, Navigate to Library Folder and Delete ‘IGG cracked by jsam.plist’ file, it will be a similar name inside.
  7. Start iGameGuardian as System Application and Grant it Privileges
  8. All Set – You’re ready to use iGameGuardian

Second Preference – Install Game Guardian for iOS from aquawu source

Follow all the steps mentioned above to root and jailbreak your apple device

  1. Add Aqua Wu’s source for Game Guardian for iOS –
  2. Select to install “GameGuardian 8.0” for iOS 12 and beyond. This method actually works best with iOS 12+
  3. Launch the app and it will show installation procedure
  4. Follow the procedure mentioned in video if you face any problem.

Although in an unlikely case, you might need this small file to help yourself with GameGuardian for iOS we’ve attached the file as well.

Download iGameGuardian for iOS