Game Guardian No Root Apk Download: GGuardian Official App File Direct Link

GameGuardian APK got quite a good market in a short span of time because of its unique feature. We’re now proudly introducing Game Guardian No Root APK for better functionality among the applications. GGuardian No-root application is now available for download which you can install right away in all the compatible android devices in a single click.

This application version works with all the available android devices with Android 2.3+ however, it’s recommended to have at least 1 GB of free space to install the application for smooth working with other apps. It’s a great app for android enthusiasts and helps to modify all values and tweaking performance in all the games and other applications wanted by the user.

gameguardian no root
gameguardian no root


App Name GameGuardian
Android 2.3+
App Size 17.3 MB
Version 73.6
Developer GameGuardian
Total Installs 54,900,000+
Last Updated February 13, 2018

*This application works best with rooted devices*

Steps to download and install Game Guardian No Root APK

Download Game Guardian 73.6 No Root – Latest

Bug Fixes: Better User Interface, Smooth functionality with parallel space and Improved Translations.

  1. So in order to install the latest version of GGuardian no root app, you first need to download the appropriate edition from the download button given above.
  2. Then go to Settings and enable installation from Unknown Sources.
  3. After downloading the necessary file, go to the download folder of your smartphone.
  4. Click on the application name to install it.

Now once you’ve installed the Game Guardian APK no-root version, you need to create a virtual environment for smooth working on the given application.

In this step, you would be creating a dynamic environment for app installation and functionality. The app will work only on this environment from now on a similar complex where the other data has been installed.

  1. Install any virtual environment supporting application from play store, there are many free available options in the market like Parallel Space, etc.
  2. You can use either of the following mentioned application, which has been tested working ultimately fine.
    Parallel Space, VirtualXposed, GO Multiple, Parallel Space Lite or 2Face.
  3. After creating the required environment for the given app, clone the GameGuardian apk and the second app – a game in the space provided by just installed environment.
  4. After having both the applications in one place, first, close all the other running software so that enough space in CPU and RAM would be available for primary applications.

That’s it, Simple isn’t? Everything is open and simple. But, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  1. You can’t transfer the progress which has already done in the existing installation of the game to the virtual environment unless the game is on the cloud.
  2. Not all games work through virtual space.
  3. You may have two or more accounts in the game.
  4. The virtual environment doesn’t support all features and functions of the GGuardian.
  5. Some firmware, it may simply don’t work at all. If you can’t choose a GameGuardian process, you may witness a 105/106 error. In such a case, GG without root won’t work. You may try other optimized versions of virtual spaces or other firmware or other devices or simply get your device rooted.
  6. Some virtual spaces may not support GameGuardian at all.

If you face any problem/issue, try the following options:

  1. Get different virtual spaces and try your luck with them. The best option is to have Parallel Space.
  2. You may try changing the firmware.
  3. If all else fails, simply get root and don’t try to fool yourself.

So now you can get the things done with awesome hack tool alteration application without any hassles. We’ve listed the best available apk options for our users, choosing the right one and download it to enjoy the pool of awesome gaming.